Plymouth Photographers web site has been set up to enable local photographers to promote themselves on the Internet.  If you have a web site, then you may put a banner here. I have set the site up so that it will eventually appear high in the search engine rankings; so somebody looking for a Plymouth Photographer will almost certainly hit this site.

Why did I develop this web site?

Quite simple really; I have

always had a passion for photography and after setting up a commercial site to promote my photography, I realised how difficult it can be to steer potential customers to my site without huge expense.

The model here is quite simple; a low cost to promote your photography to the public, whether you have a web presence or not.

Use the contact form and I will provide details about how inexpensive it can be to get high good quality hits to your photographic business.   

Promote your photographic event free.

Clubs make yourselves known.

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It is a fact that with so many sites on the Internet the chances of getting enough hits on yours is never a definite

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